Municipal Projects

/Municipal Projects

Mission StoneTree

StoneTree® Fences are created with the customer in mind. Our distinctive vertical forming system allows for a textured design on both sides of the wall. The StoneTree® systems cut back on installation costs and allow for faster installation. Located in Mission, British Columbia.

Boundary Road SimTek

Easily remove graffiti using a high-powered pressure washer. SimTek provides exceptional privacy and security for you and your family. Never needs painting or staining; nor will it warp, fade or crack.

Grey StoneTree

StoneTree® Precast Concrete Fence Walls are the premier choice for Homeowner Association Fence Walls, Privacy Walls and Security Walls. Located in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

British Columbia StoneTree

Concrete is one of the most durable materials on the market, providing sturdy, beautiful fencing while requiring minimal effort to maintain.

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